Monday, May 25, 2009


As you can tell by the title, today is Memorial Day. What a great day to pay tribute to those who have gone on before us. Whether they were in the military fighting for our freedoms, our pioneers who traveled west, or members of our extended family, I say a special Thank You.

I'm going over to the cemetary in a bit to put flowers on Mom's and Audrey's graves. Wow how I miss them. I have had Mom on my mind so very much lately. Next month it will be a year. Sometimes I think, were has the time gone. Other times I feel so lost without her. For Audrey, it's been almost 15 years. I saw a picture of her (Audrey) this weekend at Dad's and thought how beautiful she was.

Here's some pictures of Kyle's graduation on Friday, May 22, 2009.

Well, I'm having a heck of a time getting all the pictures to post. Once again, Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life's Many Adventures!

As I read Jim's blog, I think of all the many adventures our journey through life brings. I must say, that no matter where we are or what we are doing, we must learn to enjoy the journey. As Mother's Day approached, there was a bit of apprehension inside of me. Dad was down and staying with us and I knew that this special day would bring some emotions with it. However, Dad did very well. So did the rest of us. We had a BBQ at Bert & Alisa's home and the kids swam. Notice I said the kids. No way in hell was I getting in a swim suit yet!! Plus I got to hold Natalie as she slept in my arms. What more could I ask for.

A few quick notes for your reference. The boys and I have a new address. It's a nice home and provides peace of mind and spirit. If you would like to know more about this, simply call my cell and we can chat.

#2. Kyle is graduating on May 22 at 11:00 a.m. at Dixie College in St. George, Ut. Two down, one to go!!!

So life is good for me. I have few complaints and really....they aren't even worth spending too much time thinking about. I'm healthy, happy and enjoying my journey! Jim, we miss you and Mel! I hope we see you soon!! Love you tons and tons!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 5!!

Well as the title of my blog states, I'm in week 5 of post-op. I had a complete hysterectomy on March 5, 2009. All is well with my health and the surgery went great. I came home the very next morning. For about 2 weeks I pretty much laid around and ate way to dang much. I feel like I've put on about 10 pounds. Then on week 3 I returned to work after my Aunt Mary's funeral, and low and behold that day I was back at the Doctors. My left incision had gotten infected. Actual diagnosis was "cellulitis". After 6 days on antibiotics, I returned to the Dr's because I didn't think I was healing right. Ok, if your squeamish, PASS THIS PART. She pulled off the scab covering my incision. READ AGAIN. Now my incision is healed up great. I go back to the Dr.'s on Wednesday for my 6 week post-op follow-up. I can't wait.

I haven't been able to exercise, except walking. Walking is one of the best exercises for the overall body (Jim are you reading this). However, I love to spin and Turbo Kick Box. I can't wait to get back into the groove of exercising. I'm sure that the first couple weeks will be an adjustment, probably a little soreness, but it will be well worth it! If you don't have your health, life isn't as easy to enjoy. I know this from watching my loved ones suffer with various illnesses.

This weekend is Easter!! I love Easter!! No, not because of the candy. But because of Christ. I'm teaching ALL the YW on Sunday (No I haven't finished my lesson yet, why rush it).

Kyle is graduating High School on May 22, 2009. Wow two kids down and one more to go. I will be sending out the announcements really soon. Kyle was suppose to bring them down last weekend and forgot. BJ has been up in Hurricane this week due to Spring Break. He and Kyle will be back this weekend.

Tanner is playing volleyball again for Basic. He is such a crazy kid. He wanted to dye his hair a dark blue. It didn't look bad when the color was processing. It was almost a black with a blue tint. Then when he washed it out, it looked way different. So I'm sure I will be coloring his hair sometime this weekend.

Justin was in Salt Lake City (actually Provo) last weekend. He came home on Tuesday night. He had a blast. He was visiting his Uncle Aaron and several other friends. He has a few friends that are coming down from Rexburg in a couple weeks.

So that's about all the knew news. So we wish you all a Happy Easter!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Tribute to another Great Woman - Mary Wilde

For the passed week or so I've been calling my Dad every day asking "How's Aunt Mary today". She is my Dad's youngest sibling and the baby of their family. Around 1976-78 she was diagnosed and had surgery for a brain tumor. They didn't give her much hope of making it in the long-term perspective. But she did and I believe she is one of the woman in my life who has shown me -- never give up. Well as of today, those daily phone calls to my Dad asking that question will stop. Today around 1:30 pm Mary Price Wilde returned home to her Heavenly Father. She will be greatly missed.

My heart goes out to my Uncle Ralph and my three cousins, Glen, Allison & Steve. I have felt the sadness that is in their hearts. No words can ease the pain. Even today, I still miss my Mom soo very much!! I wanted to talk to her during my recovery period, so I said a little prayer. The next few days and the next year will be a trying time for this family. A time to lean heavily on their faith in the gospel, to turn to each other and share their memories, joys and sorrows. A time to laugh, cry and be there for each other.

One of the first memories that popped into my mind about Aunt Mary was during a trip home from Hurricane. I road with them, instead of riding with my own family. Allison and I where in the very back of the station wagon laying down (that's before seat belts were a law). I leaned over and farted on Allison's leg (thinking I was funny) she leaned up and told her Mom and I got the biggest scotch blessing I have ever gotten from Aunt Mary. Needless to say, I never did that again, to anyone. Aunt Mary loved to jewelry. She shopped the pawn shops and got some extremely great deals! Every time she would see you had on a ring, she would say "let me see that". She would also take the ones off her fingers and just give you one. Even in her weakened condition, she held a calling in her ward as the Compassionate Service Leader. She would make arrangements for peoples funerals, or meals if there was a surgery or need. She knew how to get people to do things in a way that others couldn't. As I said, She will be missed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Best Family!

Each day seems to be getting better as far as the recovery from surgery goes. Monday, however, I slept a lot. I guess the sleepless night in the hospital had caught up to me. I've started walking, just short little walks. Down to the postal box and back. If I'm really feeling good, I may do a couple walks a day.

As far as my blog title goes, I have the best family! Since the day of my surgery, I have had tons of support from my family. Shane and Dad waited at the hospital and then Bert came to the hospital straight from work. Then Dawn brought us over an AMAZING dinner on Saturday night. YUMMY!! Next Sherry, my Mother-in-law brought us dinner last night. Today while relaxing and watching a video, someone knocked on our door. It was a delivery from Cookies by Design from Jim and Melanie in Texas. Boy, oh boy, sure makes a girl feel good to experience the love and support from her family.

I want you all to know how much our family has appreciated your meals, prayers, love and friendship. Not just during this time, but always. I couldn't have picked a better family to belong to. My siblings and their wives are my best friends!! I love you guys with all my heart!

Dad and Kyle will be down this weekend. Next Tuesday is Russell's and Caroline's wedding. We are all so excited!! Kyle has Spring break next week, so I'm not sure how long he will stay but I'm very excited to have him home with the family.

Tanner is playing volleyball for Basic. He loves this sport sooo much!! Justin is working with the same company. However, he has a super cute girlfriend named Amanda. She's a real cutie pie! Other than that, all is well. Thanks again everyone for all you do for our family!! Love..Christy

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Recovery

On March 5, 2009 I had a complete hysterectomy. I'd been having some problems for a little over a year. There wasn't anything cancerous, but I felt this was the best choice. I was scared at first. But Dad and Shane gave me a wonderful Priesthood blessing and my mind was at ease and I felt at peace.

Everything went really well during the surgery. No complications. So well, as a matter of fact, that I was back home on Friday, March 6. I've got pictures that the doctor took, but wasn't sure if I wanted to post them. They are of my ovaries and the innards. I appreciate all the love and concern, prayers, food, flowers and care that I've received. I'm out of work at least 2 weeks. I'm healing really well.

Hope everyone is doing well and is healthy and happy. Love....Christy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Counting Blessings!

Where to begin. I have had the opportunity of attending the funeral of Henderson Firefighter, Jeffrey David Mann. First of all , WOW!! You know when you see movies and they have the firefighters casket on top of the firetruck and the family, friends, other firefighters all walking behind the truck. Well, that's how they sent him off. I've never witnessed anything like it. Bert took pictures and I hope he posts them, because I didn't have my camera.

During the services I sat and reflected on my life. I must say, the Lord has blessed me tremendously!! My life (and myself) isn't perfect, put that's all part of the plan. It's to prepare ourselves to meet him again. I know my Father in Heaven loves me! Even with all my imperfections and mistakes. I've been blessed to be loved. Loved by my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, etc. Sometimes we each need to look at our lives and be grateful for what we have and who we are. I hope that everyone that reads this blog knows, without a shadow of a doubt, how much I love you!

Also today, I missed my Mom!! I'm having surgery tomorrow for a complete hysterectomy. Yeah I'm a little bit nervous. But it made me think about all the surgeries my Mom endured, especially the last 5 years. I'm extremely grateful for modern medicine that gave us those 5 years with Mom. They weren't easy on anyone, especially her. But we got 5 more years of memories, laughter, special talks & moments. How grateful I am that Heavenly Father provides a plan, a way for us to return to live with him and our families.

So now that I have spilled my guts. I sure hope your doing well, where ever you are and in whatever you are doing. God bless you!! I love you.....Christy